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Some of the most common personal injuries come about as a result of a slip and fall, in which a victim falls in an establishment and is injured in the process.

Ben Crump believes public safety is important in your daily life. If you or a loved one was injured in a slip and fall accident or another kind of accident on a business’s premises, Mr. Crump may be able to get you compensation, and more importantly, justice for your injuries. Contact him today for a free, no-risk case evaluation.

What Counts as a Slip and Fall?

A slip and fall case hinges on what is called a “dangerous condition” on the property where your injury occurred. For a successful slip and fall case, it’s crucial a property owner or operator knew or should have known about the danger. In some states, it’s also required that the condition be something a reasonable person wouldn’t have anticipated — meaning it can’t be an obvious hazard.

Your attorney will have to show that the property owner knew of or should have discovered the dangerous condition, and neglected to fix it. For instance, if a customer spills water at the top of an escalator and the water isn’t cleaned up in a timely manner, the store may be negligent if someone slips on the water in the future.

Negligence can also come in the form of failing to adhere to building or local codes designed to reduce hazards.

Determining Liability

Liability in a slip and fall case is determined by whether or not the owner or operator acted as a “reasonable property owner” — or someone who did the right thing in the same scenario. An attorney may seek to answer several questions to determine whether or not an owner acted reasonably.

Your attorney will investigate and determine crucial facts like how long the hazard existed, if the property was regularly examined, if warnings or barriers were present near the hazard, and if hazards are natural to the area. A pool, for instance, may have slippery surfaces nearby.

After investigating the circumstances of the slip and fall, your attorney will begin to craft an argument for your case to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Liability may also fall to a landlord in some states. It’s the landlord’s job to maintain a property’s common areas, and failing to address unsafe conditions can open them up to a claim of negligence. Sometimes, this liability can extend to a tenant’s apartment. If a landlord fails to warn you of danger in or near your apartment, or fails to adhere to building codes, they may be liable.

What Ben Crump Can Do For You

Slip and falls can sometimes be compounded by time spent in the hospital, which may expose you to medical malpractice. Mr. Crump has a wealth of experience to draw from when it comes to slip and fall cases, and he’s ready to help you seek justice for your injury.

Contact him today for a look into the circumstances surrounding your case.

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