Negligent Security

When you take a trip to the mall, movie theater, nightclub, or other public premises, you trust the property owner has done their due diligence to keep the premises safe. Too often though, property owners are negligent about security and their negligence enables a violent act to occur in a public space.

Violent acts are being perpetrated in public places far too often today, and property owners have a responsibility to protect their patrons. When they forgo that responsibility they need to be held accountable for their negligence.

Today, negligent security claims are increasingly more common. Such lawsuits seek to hold negligent property owners accountable when their failure to hire adequate security results in injuries caused by a violent crime. Ben Crump understands the complexities of negligent security, and may be able to help you. Contact his offices today.

What is Negligent Security?

Negligent security is most commonly understood as a failure to protect people in a public space from violence. It’s also known as inadequate security or security negligence.

Public spaces like sports stadiums, shopping malls, clubs, parks, and more must protect visitors from harm by securing their property from public violence. If they fail to do this, they may be found negligent. Negligent security cases give visitors who suffered an injury stemming from a crime at a place of business or another public area a legal opportunity to seek damages.

Proving negligent security relies on a variety of factors, like if a business could foresee a crime and if taking reasonable action could have prevented the incident.

Examples of Negligent Security

Unfortunately, violence can occur in public at any time and under any circumstance. As a result, there are a variety of situations in which property owners can likely be held liable for not providing adequate security on their property. Some examples of negligent security include:

  • Club shootings, both inside the venue and in the parking lot
  • Stabbings on subways, trains, or other public transportation methods
  • Attacks in parking garages, apartment complexes, and more
  • Sexual assaults in condominiums and apartment complexes
  • Injuries sustained at concerts, malls, or other places of business

These are just a few example of negligent security but there are many more situations where better security could have kept you safe.

Who Can You Hold Responsible for Negligent Security?

Liability can be difficult to determine on your own. Generally, the owner or operator of a property is responsible for the safety of business patrons or other invitees. Negligent security lawsuits are not filed against the attacker. This means a third party is held responsible instead of the perpetrator of the crime.

Typical Negligent Security Damages

Mass shootings are more common than ever, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation report published in 2013. This means businesses and the government have come to expect and prepare for the possibility that mass shootings or other crimes may take place on their property.

A significant factor in negligent security damages is how much effort the property owner or operator put into protecting their property. Protecting their property can include:

  • Installing security cameras
  • Employing security guards or other safety staff
  • Ensuring the property has several, accessible regular and emergency exits
  • Training staff to deal with security issues
  • Providing adequate lighting and signs that lower the risk of a crime being committed

Negligent security doesn’t stop with parks and malls. Your workplace can also exhibit security negligence by failing to secure their premises or dealing with disgruntled employees poorly. The damages in each of these situations depends on the level of preparation undertaken by the property owner and whether or not the crime was foreseeable.

Do I Have a Negligent Security Case?

Every negligent security case is different, and determining if you have a case on your own can be tricky. Ben Crump has the knowledge necessary to investigate negligent security claims and bring a lawsuit on your behalf.

Mr. Crump may be able to assist you in getting the justice you demand if you’ve been injured in a public space. Contact his offices today.

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