Class Actions

When big companies act negligently and harm large groups of people, it can appear as if there are few consequences for their actions. They’re able to fill the environment with toxins, manufacture dangerous drugs, and put people’s lives at risk with little more than a fine as punishment.

That’s not right, and Ben Crump knows it. The core of Mr. Crump’s legal practice is helping everyday Americans get the justice they deserve, even when they’re hurt by powerful corporations with vast legal teams.

Fortunately, class action lawsuits are a proven way to hold even the most deep-pocketed companies accountable for the damage they cause to regular people. If you’ve been hurt by one of these big companies, Mr. Crump and his team are prepared to fight back and work to balance the scales of justice once more. Contact him today.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

Instead of just one plaintiff filing an individual lawsuit against a big corporation, class actions allow people harmed by the same company to come together and, using their strength in numbers, file a lawsuit. Class actions are generally filed for claims such as alleged defective products, environmental disasters, employee discrimination, and unlawful business practices.

A lead plaintiff (or plaintiffs) will file a lawsuit on behalf of everyone in the group. There is no limit to how many people can join a class action lawsuit, as long as they have the same grievance with the same defendant — they must have issues common to all class members, such as injuries or losses.

How Can a Class Action Lawsuit Help Me?

Class actions streamline the legal process, making the lawsuit more efficient than if individual plaintiffs went to trial.

The cost of the lawsuit is spread out among the plaintiffs. There are no lawyer fees, and if the case is successful, the attorney is paid out of the recoveries. In some cases, the defendant is entitled to pay the attorneys’ fees for the plaintiffs.

In each class action, the members of the class are represented by class representatives, one or more people who serve as the public face of the class action. The class representative plays an active role in the case and acts as the voice for the entire class action group. This allows the other class members to play a passive role in the case and wait for the outcome of the trial.

Class action lawsuits are especially beneficial in cases where the damages are minor, and the cost of hiring a lawyer and going to court individually would be too high. Through a class action, you can hold a negligent company accountable, get justice, and receive a uniform judgment and compensation with your fellow class members.

Ultimately, a class action involves one lawsuit, one court, and a single decision. This makes getting justice much more attainable and far less stressful for people who would normally not have the resources or time to file an individual lawsuit against a large company that has wronged them.

Ben Crump Can Help You Seek Justice

If you have been hurt due to the negligence of a big company, a class action may be your best option to hold that company accountable. Ben Crump is renowned for handling high-profile cases, and he’s willing to take on even the most powerful corporations if it’s what it takes to get justice for you and the ones you love. Contact him today for assistance with your class action lawsuit today.

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